Forget about alerts. HeIli manages incidents.

This is probably how you incident flow looks now:

This is probably how you incident flow looks like now

By the time you get alerted, Heili Could do background checks or even resolve the problem


Upgrade monitoring with Heili and enjoy:

  • Self healing stack over AWS, GCE or Openstack
  • Built-in, real-time incident management
  • Automated inventory and monitoring of all components
  • Incident prevention mechanisms
  • Cross customer alerts 
  • Security and compliance checks

Frictionless, AUTOMATED setup*

Auto deployment

Auto discovery


Heili will automatically deploy needed components
and connect to available performance data sources

Set Heili's access information and it will automatically
connect to your provider and discover your stack*


DEPLOYMENT phase is now complete, enjoy our Auto management

*Total discovery automation supported in AWS and ProfitBricks.