Pay Only for What you Use

Push or pull, REST API check or threads count, bare metal or ephemeral instance. Your infrastructure is versatile and evolving, so should your monitoring. Monitor anything and everything, pay only for what you use.
We charge you for the metric objects you ship to us, and meter your usage by the hour.


Pay as you go

Our monitoring pricing includes access to all features and dashboards. Pay only for what you use, no commitment, no minimal prices.

Monthly Price Per Metric object in 60 seconds resolution: $0.10

What is metric object? It is a metric sent from a specific source. For example, if you send us CPU utilization from a single server, that’s one metric instance. Checking application URL for availability is another.


Reserved plans AVAILABLE

Have a capacity plan? Willing to commit? Great.

We have time and volume plans available.

Using volume reservation will provide a significant discount (up to 75%)
compared to Pay As You Go pricing.



We understand that some companies need extra. Our enterprise solution level includes:

  • Strategic monitoring and performance management guidance

  • Premium support

  • Live processes

    and more…