Sunday Evening, DevOps Meetup, Berlin.

"How many of you are ops people?" the Moderator asks. Most of the crowd raises their hands. "Now, how many of you are on call?" About the same number responses.

The vision. 
We started inventing Heili in our heads while working for Forthscale, a leading Israeli cloud enabler. At Forthscale, we had the privilege to consult the brightest startups of Silicon Wadi, Israel's Silicon Valley. Within the cloud consulting process, we realized that similar problems arose in all different kinds of companies and that it cost them not only a lot of money but also their precious time. We soon realized that there is a lot of potential for improvement, which let us to the foundation of Heili. Our goal was to create handy tools that will improve the infrastructure management.

From Vision to product.

In the beginning, we “just” wanted to create a better and easier Monitoring System. But we soon realized that monitoring was not enough. In April 2015 we suddenly understood how we could revolutionize the infrastructure management: We needed to create an intelligent, self learning & automated machine, enabled through AI.

Armed with a big dream and a ticket to Collision conference in Vegas, we were looking for feedback. The results were impressive: People were excited to have AI managing their infrastructure and all of the things they had no time for. They needed something to respond to incidents fast. They were craving for a solution, to get their evenings and weekends back from on-call duty. People were ready for changes. People were ready for Heili.

And we were ready to offer a solution, ready to build Heili.

Who are we

Introducing #TEAMHEILI

Our team is built up of a variety of personalities, with different professional backgrounds but one passion: Finding Solutions and making the given better. We know how to balance our lives with the work we love. For us, it is just as important to have fun as it is to work at the office. Travelling, learning, growing is as much part of our DNA as thinking of great solutions and making deadlines. We are #Teamheili and this is our manifesto: 

Naor Weissmann #Teamheili CEO

David Golovan #Teamheili CTO


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