Waves are cloud extensions for on premise monitoring system.

Heili Waves enable internet based metrics collection and data feeds for self managed setups. We execute external checks and deliver the result to you Grafana or similar setup. We also help you to setup performance dashboards and alerts for faster issues and incidents resolution.



Our sensors array helps you monitor your stack performance from all over the globe. You can check your site or application performance from different location origins. Add Heili AI processing to the check and reduce the noise. Our algorithms will dynamically compute and suggest acceptable performance indexes for your setup.



Simple. We have a monitoring array deployed in different locations on the planet. You send us test scenarios and subscribe your existing setup to it’s output. Heili will run the tests from designated locations, collect the outputs and ship it to your deployment. Currently we support either Telegraf (TICK stack) or Prometheus format to your deployment.

To make things even better, you can add Heili AI processing for better anomaly detection.


  1. A client wants to add application performance monitoring to his Prometheus stack from multiple locations.

  2. He would just need to choose source locations he is interested in, frequency and set the test parameters in native Prometheus format.

  3. Heili will perform the testing and send results to client’s monitoring system. That data can be used just like the locally gathered test results.



So do we. Visualize the metrics beautifully with our Grafana add on. Use our new Heili Waves for Grafana application. Enrich you dashboards with ours, create your own following our reference design or mix them the way that suits your implementation.


Currently Heili waves checks can be executed from North America (East coast) or Europe (Germany, Finland) regions. We are working to add more test locations.