A New V6 Heili is Out!

We are happy to announce that major Heili version is out today with cool new features!

Heili V6 monitoring interface

It’s not a secret that Heili UI is based on great work of Grafana OSS and recently those guys released new version that includes couple new features:

  • New Explore mode that allow to explore metrics collected by Heili before creating new graphs

  • Elasticsearch bucket script pipeline aggregations

  • New UX for editing graphs

Grafana 6 includes some more features, more about it here.

Timing our release on the Grafana UI/UX upgrades, we in Heili have made few features on generally available as well. our end to improve how Heili works:

  • Upgraded V3 Home dashboard packed with more useful information

  • Brand new Heili usage dashboard to support new billing scheme

  • New cross process feature. Live aggregated status and issues information from both AWS and GCP . (more data centers to come)

  • Selected Beta and JDP customers get access to new and improved incident notification system.

David Golovanui, grafana, version